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Random from My Lord

:worship: Lord Zhuge!!! :salute:
Zhuge Liang (181–234) was a chancellor of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. He is often recognised as the greatest and most accomplished strategist of his era.
Often depicted wearing a robe and holding a hand fan made of crane feathers, Zhuge Liang was not only an important military strategist and statesman; he was also an accomplished scholar and inventor. His reputation as an intelligent and learned scholar grew even while he was living in relative seclusion, earning him the nickname "Wolong" (臥龍; literally: "Crouching Dragon").
Zhuge is an uncommon two-character compound family name. His name – even his surname alone – has become synonymous with intelligence and strategy in Chinese culture. (wikipedia)

by koei

:love: Lord Zhuge's Teaching :love:
Zhuge Liang Chibi by finalverdict

:bulletwhite: The Way of the General :bulletwhite:…
1. The leaders must know everything about those who serve under them; hold no order of people in contempt.
“An ancient document says: “Those who are contemptuous of cultured people have no way to win people’s hearts completely; those who are contemptuous of common people have no way to get people to work as hard as they can.
“[The enlightened ruler] worries not about subordinates not knowing superiors, but about superiors not knowing subordinates. He worries not about the lower classes not knowing the upper classes, but about the upper classes not knowing the lower classes.
“Thus when you are alert to what the people in the lower echelons have to say, and take it into consideration, so that your plan include the rank and file, then all people are your eyes and a multitude of voices helps your ears.”

2. Find out the talents of your subordinates and give them the opportunity to make them count.
Appropriate use of talent is one of Zhuge’s strongest themes. He suggests organising an army by the talents of the soldiers rather than by a preconceived structure, forming elite units for melee combat, charges, speed, horse archery, marksmanship and so on, thus giving everyone scope to use their strengths in battle. Zhuge Liang also provides guidelines for finding able leaders at various levels.
“One who is direct yet circumspect, who is brave and can fight, is the leader of a thousand men.
“One of martial bearing and fierceness of heart, who knows the hardships of others and spares people from hunger and cold, is the leader of ten thousand men.
“One who associates with the wise and promotes the able, who is careful of how he spends each day, who is sincere, trustworthy, and magnanimous, and who is guarded in times of order as well as times of disturbance, is the leader of a hundred thousand men.
“One whose humanitarian care extends to all under his command, whose trustworthiness and justice win the allegiance of neighboring nations, who understands the signs of the sky above, the patterns of the earth below, and the affairs of humanity in between, and who regards all people as his family, is a world-class leader, one who cannot be opposed.”

3. Win the people over by righteousness and care for their needs.
This one seems almost strange today, when we almost without exception expect our leaders to be looking out for number one and any show of sympathy with the people to be little more than convention.
“Give security to those in danger; gladden those in fear. If people oppose you, take what they say to heart; if people have grudges, let them express themselves.
“Restrain the strong, sustain the weak.
“Good generals of ancient times took care of their people as one might take care of a beloved child. When there was difficulty they would face it first themselves, and when something was achieved they would defer to others. They would tearfully console the wounded and sorrowfully mourn the dead. They would sacrifice themselves to feed the hungry and remove their own garments to clothe the cold. They honored the wise and provided for their living; they rewarded and encouraged the brave. If generals can be like this, they can take over anywhere they go.”

4. Share your subordinates’ conditions.
This was more than words for Zhuge Liang, whose will reflects that although he gained some lands for the support of his family, he himself lived and was fed and clothed little better than the soldiers. If the leader lives in luxury, the subordinates will have little affection for him; he will be the fat cat playing with their lives and fortunes rather than a respected comrade. Zhuge’s insistence that a general not eat before his soldiers and that he share their risks is particularly apt today in the world of unearned bonuses and golden parachutes for certain classes of people and pay cuts and layoffs for those less well-off.
“Do not sit down before the soldiers sit; do not eat before the soldiers eat.
“Bear the same cold and heat the soldiers do; share their toil as well as their case.
“Experience sweetness and bitterness just as the soldiers do; take the same risks that they do.
“Then the soldiers will exert themselves to the utmost, and it will be possible to destroy enemies.”
“According to the code of generalship, generals do not say they are thirsty before the soldiers have drawn from the well; generals do not say they are hungry before the soldiers’ food is cooked; generals do not say they are cold before the soldiers’ fire are kindled; generals do not say they are hot before the soldiers’ canopies are drawn. Generals do not use fans in summer, do not wear leather (or fur) in winter, do not use umbrella in the rain. They do as everyone does.”

5. Exercise vigilance, expecting every condition to contain the seeds of its opposite, according to the Tao.
In Taoism, every benefit may contain the seeds of future harm. Lao Tzu’s comments on overextension leading to decay come to mind here, as do his comments about the ease of dealing with the seed compared with the grown plant. It is no good achieving victory in a way that embitters a population you have to deal with. It is no good passing laws to maintain order that tarnish the reputation of the state and lead to further disorder. It is no good posting record profits if your long-term strategy is unsound.
“Danger arises in safety, destruction arises in survival. Harm arises in advantage, chaos arises in order.”

6. Punishment and reward must be absolutely consistent and never subject to personal motives.
The consistency of rewards and punishments, for Zhuge as for Mozi, should be clear and absolutely without personal bias, since this is the only way to encourage achievement and cultivate order.
“If they get angry without discernible reason, their authority will not be effective. If their rewards and punishments are not clear, the lower echelons will not be encouraged to achieve.
“If politics are inappropriate, orders will not be obeyed. If private affairs are carried over into public life, people will be of two minds.
“If rewards are given for no reason, those who have worked hard in public service will be resentful; if penalties are applied arbitrary, upright people will be bitter.”

7. In order to solve a problem or improve organisation, start at the top.
Everything starts with the leader, who will get exactly the organisation he deserves. Every big problem starts at the top. If the great are not properly ordered, neither will their subordinates be.
“First organize the near at hand, then organize the far removed. First organize the inner, then organize the outer. First organize the basic, then organize the derivative. First organize the strong, then organize the weak. First organize the great, then organize the small. First organize yourself, then organize others.”

8. Educate subordinates by your example.
“A policy of instruction and direction means those above educate those below, not saying anything that is unlawful and not doing anything that is immoral, for what is done by those above is observed by those below.”

9. For important jobs, seek out hidden talent in obscure places.
Zhuge Liang’s own beginnings as an itinerant scholar are reflected in the value he places on people of obscure origins who may not have had a chance to show their skills. Most human potential is wasted; being able to find it and use it correctly is the key skill of exceptional leaders.
“Straight trees are found in remote forests; upright people come from the humble masses. Therefore when rulers are going to make appointments they need to look in obscure places.
“Sometimes there are disenfranchised people with something of value in them; sometimes there are people with extraordinary talent who go unrecognized. Sometimes there are paragons of virtue who are not promoted by their hometown; sometimes there are people who live in obscurity on purpose.”
“Sometimes there are people who are dutiful and righteous for purely philosophical or religious reasons. Sometimes there are loyal people who are straightforward with rulers but are slandered by cliques. Ancient kings are known to have hired unknowns and nobodies, finding in them the human qualities whereby they were able to bring peace.”

10. Lighten your subordinates’ burdens, be concerned for their welfare and give them a chance to thrive.
“Encourage people in productive work, don’t deprive them of their time. Lighten their taxes, don’t exhaust their resources. In this way the country is made wealthy and families secure.”

11. Reward generously.
“ [A] General should not be stingy, for if they are stingy they will not reward the trustworthy, and if they do not reward the trustworthy, the soldiers will not be dedicated., the armed forces are ineffective, and if the armed forces are ineffective, the nation is empty. When the nation is empty, its opponents are full.”

12. To Avoid:
Zhuge Liang spends a great deal of time listing everything that leaders should avoid, and that righteous leaders should punish in their officials. His list of the eight evils of generals is particularly instructive. Inability to formulate strategy in a moral way is the worst evil, the inability to delegate authority to men of peace in peacetime the second worst. The inability to foresee and prevent future dangers through wise policy features twice on the list. A second list deals with decadence in generals, beginning with greed.
Zhuge Liang also emphasises the importance of dismissing corrupt and unjust officials as well as those whose excessive meddling and bureaucracy causes the people hardship and confusion.

:bulletgreen: 16 Strategies of Zhuge Liang :bulletgreen:
1. In ruling, rule like a northern star which is leading the way. The strong & stable leadership also a good planning is a foundation for an organizational or nation's growth.

2. Make the respect and loyalty into become a connection between ruler and subordinate. The ruler must treat his subordinate with proper, subordinate must serve his ruler loyally. Ruler must treat his subordinate fairly, subordinate must serve his ruler with obedience. If a ruler went together with his subordinate, there'll be peace and prosperity in their country.

3.In becoming a good leader, the ruler must master the situation wisely. He must pay attention and heard all of his subordinate doing and plea.

4. The ruler must receive idea, suggestion and critic from the other.

5. Understand the problem completely and make definition between the right and the wrong. Someone will wrong if he see a problem only from it's outer appearance.

6. Educate the people to win them. A ruler must let his subordinate know his plan and aim so they can understand the nation policy. A ruler first of all must have a clear law. The law must be known all across the nation. If the people unite, they can win a war!

7. Search and hire the talented ones. One of the important way to rule the nation is putting the able and honest subordinate in the strategic position. An able person is a key for a success of effort.

8. Promote the merit ones and fire the unreliable ones. All corrupt subordinate who harm the people must be fired! Everyone who give contribution for the success of the country must be promoted.

9. The ruler will win the war if he plan it wisely and strategically.

10. Give reward and punishment to make a clean and efficient nation. Reward and punishment must fair. Reward is not relied on status but from merit. Punishment must be executed without any exception.

11. Don't do anything with emotion or anger. A ruler must hold his emotion and master a self control.

12. Beware when facing a messy situation. One way is to decrease the men and apply strict discipline. Harshness and violence isn't a right way to deal this kind of situation.

13. The ruler must correct himself first before issuing an order.

14. The ruler must solve a problem wisely and correctly before it's becoming worse.

15. A ruler must have a clear sighted and looking at the future. So he can make a wise planning.

16. Make a commitment for a success. Every person have a chance for success. They must not give up easily.

Random from Favourites

:w00t: My oc "mableeast fon mythers" by others! :w00t:
1. I'm not allowed to draw the story although drawing the sketch for the other artist to draw is still permitted.
except for the coat of arms
2. Every artist only can draw 1 story at a time.
Except for my best friends, in particularly :icondarcheat: . =P
3. If it's not about the story, the artist can draw mab as many as he/she want.

weird rule indeed :XD:
Top 10 standing for my fave non-chibi mab drawing artist.
1. :iconciel-heartfilia:… C
2. :iconaokikuri:… C
3.… K
4. :iconerichankun:… C
5. :iconshineehello:… C
6. :iconreese-yamawe:… K
7. :iconmikiclover:… R
8. :iconchocobikies:… K
(for the youngest mab)
9. :iconmiyancaoi:… C
10. :iconcake4444:… G

Top 10 standing for fave chibi mab drawing artist.
1. :iconakuu-tan:… C
2. :iconqsholic: C
3. :iconkittirawr:… C
4. :iconusami-yuuri:… G
5. :iconrashini:… C
6. :iconchocobikies:… C
7. :icontasuu-chan:… C
8. :icondarcheat: G
9. :iconvapour-dreams:… C
10. :iconresurishi:… K

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:trophy: KittiRawr :trophy:

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kaiomutaru25… (2 in 1)

:bulletred:Mab's Story and Life:bulletred:
:spotlight-left::dummy:Finish copy by KittiRawr:dummy::spotlight-right:

Mab or Mableeast fon Mythers is a prince of the kingdom of gjenoliva (or neue pajang in state literature) in the land of Valkuria.
Chibi Commission: Mu by KaitoAsakuraRequest for *finalverdict. by charlynervMerry Xmas 2012 to finalverdict by nakuchan9095

Gjenoliva originally is a peaceful nation and it's people live happy and prosperous
Gjenoliva by Potato-KCommission for finalverdict by Marlitza

The Kingdom of Gjenoliva is ruled by the ruling family of "Mythers" and they ruled the kingdom for almost 5 centuries
Kingdom of Gjenoliva Coat of Arms by finalverdict
The history of Gjenoliva

Mab is the youngest son from Queen Tanya and Grand Duke Vredrik. Here in the state portrait, he's shown as the next line of the throne.
Commission - Finalverdict by ivoryneva

Queen Tanya is a wise monarch. The second daughter of Queen Jovana, she was ascended the throne when her mother died during a battle. Her early ruling was marred by constant border raid by it's militaristic empire neighbor. The Bellicussan Empire.

His father, Grand Duke of Mirvokia, Vredrik fon Mythers (or Silberplast) who also the commander of the royal guard was mysteriously disappeared without trace when hunting. This was happened couple of weeks before mab was born.
Vredrik fon Mythers by JoantherCustom Commission for finalverdict by diabolico0anghel

Mab has 1 sibling. His older brother, Klaus, Duke of Lidesica also as a special envoy of the kingdom for the foreign neighbors. Although have 10 years of age differences, both of this sibling have a hidden and bitter rivalry between them. Mab saw klaus as an older sibling who experienced more parent love which mab didn't experienced and mab see klaus as an over ambitious person. On the other hand, Klaus have a jealousy. Why as an older sibling he don't have any right to rule the kingdom. Also he put a grudge toward mab because he see mab as the cause of vredrik's dissaperance. Although they treat each other with courtesy and respect but the rivalry will change the course of history of kingdom gjenoliva and even valkuria as whole

Many asking a question, why his older brother don't have any right to the throne? Because any monarch who'll become the king or queen of gjenoliva is chosen by the spirit of Iz Feihan, the rune of life who's live in the kingdom. This spirit choose mab when he's still baby. Beside giving the throne, the spirit also grant the rightful monarch the yung rune. The rune give youth looking until the owner died. But sometimes every full moon , the yung rune capability is disappear causing the owner lost the youth looking and show his/her true age and face.
Get a new power by Fabio-San

Beside as a silver fox he also have the ability to transform himself up. From changing hair line until transformed himself as a cat boy
Maableast fon mythers by VermillionFenrir

When mab is a little boy, he already showed interest in military and war knowledge
commission : Mableeast fon Mythers the silver fox by Ciel-Heartfilia

Finally time has passed and mab grown up

Seeing he's already old enough, queen tanya send mab to the strategy school
Request - M A B [Repost] by K-I-D-98

In the school, he's joining with the class like the other students. But special for him, he's also tutored personally by the school principal, Lord Zhuge.
Commission 12 by SHINeeHello

During recess time, he can take some relax time... but still he always reading war book. Beside that, he's trying to take notes about personality of every peoples he met. A special training from Tanya.
KB Prize:finalverdict by DaiSukiSanRequest for finalverdict - Mab. by Makkucha

Still he experienced many premonition about his future and some didn't look good
Commission: dying Silver Fox by UnknownSoulCollector

During the school, he meet with an unknown student. And for a while mab experiencing a memorable experience with her.
01 by iamyoshi02 by iamyoshi04 by iamyoshi03 by iamyoshi06 by iamyoshiVAL by Amai-Kiyashi

Night before graduation, he see a premonition again. But this time it's different
Gift for FinalVerdict by rayray18

And he running quickly to meet Lord Zhuge
Request from finalverdict by CeryliaRectris

When he's waiting for Lord Zhuge arrival, he suddenly feel fire and flame inside his body. But he can't control it
COMM : Midnight Dining by KANE-NEKO

Lord Zhuge explain that this different premonition was because the side effect of the yung rune and Zhuge urge Mab to train the flame
Commission for *finalverdict by Ketsuzoku

After that, he receive Lord Zhuge's feather fan. So called "the strategist fan". This fan can enhanced mab's ability
Commission : finalverdict. by Noogaider

He also advise mab to be careful with someone inside Gjenoliva. Because the kingdom is really prone for power struggle
Commission for finalverdict by isrslyhavenoidea

In the morning, the graduation ceremony commenced. But mab isn’t happy at all, because of Lord Zhuge advise
M a b l e e a s t by Relxion

Posing with his new fan
Request from Finalverdict by MikiClover

After posing with the fan, suddenly he's met with the dragon. The dragon said, he'll help him gaining his cause
Commish - TALKING WITH THE DRAGON by Miyancaoi

After that, the dragon suddenly turn into flame of ambition which enforce mab's hidden flame ability
Final Verdict tribute by Aellostriker2

After he return to the kingdom, there's sign that a detachment of bellicussan army will launched a border skirmish on the border village of belvodil. Tanya ordered mab to investigate the skirmish, staff out any real attack, and rescue the villager at any cost. But mab feel snobbish about his newly acquired strategy ability. He feel he can handle the situation perfectly. And so, his forces can't move quickly because of the confusion. When he finally arrived at the rumored skirmish scene, he witnessed the destruction of belvodil along the slaughtered village folk. Mab crying hopelessly and since that he determined to protect the people at all cost
Point Commission For FinalVerdict by ReaperFFsevenPoints comission -finalverdict- by hitokage-san

After the belvodil incident, Mab take a decision beside to retrain his strategy again, he decide to train his flame ability
Request: FinalVerdict by Colorful--Melody

Beside that, he also practicing fencing and sword style
Commission: Mab Sword Duel by HikariNOSora

During his training, he witness a disturbance and commotion in the village near his training ground
Look, there's a bishie! by Kiwii-tan

After a lot of practice, he's getting adapt with the flame power
for finalverdict by darcheat

But still, he can pull a joke and prank with his flame or with every ability he have. Although sometimes that prank can backfired to him
CM: The King by Candy-DanteLMableeast... -- for Finalverdict by RedSwordman777KP- Finalverdict by KittiRawr

Beside practicing hard, he always play with the dragon. Different with the first time they met, later the dragon can change in different forms
OC commission by devashri

If the dragon tired, the dragon can turn into small diminutive form
Commish:finalverdict by Kuronishii

Mab once ask the dragon why the dragon want to help him. And the dragon explain he once Diyare fon Mare (Mab's ancestor) trusted general named Buran fon Lambert-Borzadow.
Request - Buran by MahaforCommission for finalverdict by Riz--cHaN

After defeating the Mratama Kingdom final invasion in the capital city of Flouwentor of Zevia kingdom (or alte-pajang, the old kingdom precursor of gjenoliva), Buran was summoned by diyare. At that time, diyare was mortally wounded during the battle of Ravitay. During his death bed, diyare request Buran to protect the monarch descendant who will bring the greatness of the kingdom again. After delivering his final word, diyare died. Finally Buran take out the lambert-borzadow rune and transformed himself as dragon.
Commission by LadyNightingale01

After completing his training suddenly Queen Tanya passed away. Mab becoming a king in a tender age of 15
PC:Funeral by Nomeruu

His first step is building up the military power

His reaction when seeing his imperial guard first manoeuvre
Kiriban request for finalverdict by chocobikies

His next reaction, he show optimism. Although the guard lack of training, there's still a lot of room of improvement
Mab Request by xpotatogrlx813

Next step, he's making a better marching music for increasing the army's morale
Kiriban: finalverdict by Catonatr

He also expand his cavalry unit with adding more battle fasciasaur
Commision for FinalVerdict by Usami-Yuuri

The navy which much forgotten during tanya's era, is now becoming a priority for mab. From now on, the navy got some new ship design in particularly for the elite Kurvurstendamm patrol unit
KIRIBAN GIFT Request by reese-yamawe

Also he train his officers in strategy and tactic
Mab .:PC:. by NightCrystals

The last one, he planning the defense of the kingdom. With erecting fortification outpost, building trap and ambushes also forming a scout militia in every border village
Commission: Mab the Silver Fox by Vapour-Dreams

After solving his military problem. Mab is planning his warfare in his throne room
.:Kiriban 40000-Mab:. by Zafiro-Chan

But at the same time, he got opposition from the old prime minister the ambitious Luitpold fon Zossenring
Commission 3 by DarkDamned

Finally he make his decision

He plan to staff off the future enemy invasion and protect his peoples by reclaiming the lost territories of Diyare's and Tanya's lost territories during the bellicussan first invasion. He doesn't want to repeat the mistake in belvodil
Point Commission: finalverdict by MegaHeadBomb

With meticulous planning, he succeed in recovering and conquering some of the enemy's cities and territories
.:mu-chan:. commission by rayray18

Finally his fist step succeed that’s recovering town Morcammina and he plan to counterattacking the enemy’s invasion by conquering some of the enemy's cities and territories
Victory by xXForGotten

But he sense great danger ahead soon

.... the enemy laying an ambush for him
Kiriban 5000 by ucchisama

Although managed to fend off the ambushment, he's really worried because the next battle could be his final battle
Commission: FinalVerdict by erichankun

During the heat of battle, the enemy is approaching in great number

He's cornered and heavily wounded.
Commission for finalverdict by SilverXxXSakura

And the enemy deliver a blow to him. Could it be this is his end ... ?
commission_finalverdict by kazuROZEN

...still continue
The other story
Idontknowwhoyouknow non-canon version
Disciplining Sissi Chapter. 1 by Idontknowwhoyouknow
Disciplining Sissi Chapter. 2 by Idontknowwhoyouknow

:bulletpink:Rule 63:bulletpink:
:iconteheplz:PC - final verdict by chibichobit:iconteheplz:

Request : chibi MAB by Qsholic:iconsaysplz:Nya :heart:

Thank you for reading my story!

by KittiRawr

Status: Hiatus until the rest mab commission-request is done

If you want to see mab drawings by the other just click…

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Request from Finalverdict by MikiClover 96Neko for Sumi by MikiClover

Laurel by kouhiruKyouhei by kouhiru

Shironyan ni Nade-Nade shimasu by KANE-NEKO4koma manga - Shironyan's ice by KANE-NEKO4koma manga - Playing OSU by KANE-NEKO

Mini Neko Mio by RelxionNeko Aichi Mio by Relxion


PKM - 1 by peachmomoKH - 3 by peachmomo


Daniel by Vapour-Dreams:thumb327441288:


Loading by QsholicRequest : chibi MAB by Qsholic

Albino Neko (OC) [Shiou] by KaiHasegawa01Brown Fox (OC) [Kein] by KaiHasegawa01

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(Edward trying to persuade Lumpus after failing to fail hoo haw test).
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Tomato Paste:…
(Edward trying to persuade Lumpus after failing to fail Hoo-haw test)
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:bulletgreen: Indonesian version takeshi's castle ost :bulletgreen:
Untuk tamu dari INDONESIA, saya berhasil menemukan beberapa ost (musik) dari benteng takeshi (Takeshi's Castle / 風雲!たけし城 Fūun! Takeshi-jō). Anda semua masih ingat acara konyol tersebut kan?
Beat Takeshi by finalverdict
Ini musik yang terdapat pada benteng takeshi yang disiarkan oleh TPI (sekarang MNC ato apa?) pada tahun 2002.
David Benoit “Sailing Through the City”:…
David Benoit “Wild Kids”:…
David Benoit “Snow Dancing”:…
2 Lagu teratas biasanya dimainkan pada arena kotak setan, kolam dewa naga, surga dan neraka atau bahkan di benteng pertahanan I dan jembatan Gibraltar.

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Soldier `Lunch` Box by finalverdict
Soldier `Lunch` Box
Some of my militaria collection inside the british 24 pounder artillery shell P59 shell box… , made in 1944. :iconfoxyayzplz:
The collections inside contain of modern made wood shell 76 mm Yugoslavian m48 mountain gun known as "tito gun"… , the case is real; modern made wood shell 105 mm US M2A2 howitzer… , same with the tito gun the case is real; 3 mortar shell some not visible in here, one is 2 inch mortar made by the british maybe during World War 2,  the other is 3 inch mortar maybe locally made by in the Indonesian Army in the 1950's, and the last one is 76 mm mortar made by swedish company "bofors" in 1951; not visible in here too is 20 mm shell made by british company Raleigh in 1944; 5,56mm NATO bullet cases made by indonesian company "pindad" on the disintegrating link belt maybe for the FN M249 or "MINIMI" Light Machine Gun; a european clone M1 helmet made by the dutch company "RUCO" based in Valkenswaard, netherlands; and lastly a World War 2 US water canteen made by Vollrath in 1944 but the cloth case made by the indonesian army maybe in the 1980's. 
Thank you for watching. :la:

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Welcome to my gigantic page, dear visitor. :evillaugh:

Young King in Love by finalverdict
dA ID by finalverdict
King Ceremony Dress mk.III by finalverdict
Fire and Ice by finalverdict
Mab Semi-chibi by finalverdict
This is my oc mableeast fon mythers or mab the silver fox
His personality… .
The assessment based of…
"mableeast fon mythers is only a little like you. He may be popular, or he may not, but no matter what he's impossible to ignore; he stands out... just the way you always wanted to. He may have sometimes thought that he was special, or destined for greater things, but probably dismissed the idea as a fantasy. He's come in for his share of hurt, but gotten off with minor damage. And you've been sparing with the free handouts: whatever he gains, he's worked for. 
In general, you care deeply about mableeast fon mythers, but you're smart enough to let him stand on his own, without burdening him with your personal fantasies or propping him up with idealization and over-dramatization. mableeast fon mythers is a healthy character with a promising career ahead of him."

Anyway you can see his story below. :la:
:spotlight-left:Come on! I challenge you to draw my oc complete with his uniform and regalia! It's really good for your drawing practice especially the complexity. :XD: :spotlight-right:

About my oc drawn by the others, both of these is my fave ones! :love:
Mab normal champion
commission : Mableeast fon Mythers the silver fox by Ciel-Heartfilia
Drawn by :iconciel-heartfilia:
Other drawing
nekomimi : miku x kaito by Ciel-HeartfiliadeviantID by Ciel-Heartfiliakhakhakha by Ciel-Heartfiliacom : Blavk by Ciel-Heartfilia

Mab chibi champion

Drawn by :iconakuu-tan:
Other drawing:
Ryo by Akuu-tan

For the champion of the mab drawing. Will be featured in here
The standing is in below
Stomp by KittiRawrNap by KittiRawrNeko Kaito Cursor by KittiRawrNya by KittiRawrLen x Rin Icons- Free to use by KittiRawrWhy Won't You Hug Him?! by KittiRawrLen Rin Journal Skin by KittiRawrTora Icon by KittiRawr


:blackrose::bulletblack: Farewell :bulletblack::blackrose:



Furihime (the first case from the part of mab stories :tears: )







I'm gonna miss your mab drawing. :cries:

:bulletblue:Mab Story Drawing Statistic:bulletblue:
Commission :points::dollarus: : 70
Kiriban :winner: : 16
Request :worship: : 30
Gift :huggle: : 16
Scrap :lightbulb: : 14
"Special" :horny: : 10
Non dev :hypermind: : 8
Vaarwel :cries: : -13
(Non Mab :idea: : 12)
Banished :banned::begone: : -3

Normal: 118 (+1 chibi)
Chibi: 41
Other: 7
Non Mab: 12
Non-canon: 3

Total: 180 devs
Because of inactivity in here, i lost the count. :iconfoxcryplz:

:bulletblue:Mab icon:bulletblue:
by :iconmisakihanako:
Commission 06: Mableeast from Mythers by heartbeatangel7575 by :iconheartbeatangel7575:
Gift icon by Usami-Yuuri by :iconusami-yuuri:
Mab-icon by chocobikies by :iconchocobikies:
COMMISSION - finalverdict by Aokikuri by :iconaokikuri:
by :iconmonochroming:
by :iconprincesouji:
by :iconkittirawr:
by :iconyannie-chan:

queen tanya
by :iconeclaratis:
Some of these icon cannot be used without the permission of the icon maker

Mab from a dress up game. Edited the eye… ... i transformed a loli to shota in here :rofl:

Pixel Page Doll Commission for finalverdict by RoyalsForever
The first mab pixel page doll

Q: Who are you? :confused:
A: Me? An arab looking Indonesian, who also a historian, wannabe strategist, monarchist and a juventino who have multiple personality, a slight of peter pan syndrome and have multiple art preference. :XD:
Oh and i'm a collector too. Concentrating in militaria theme in particularly helmet. :trophy:
Q: Why you named yourself frosty and your :devart: name finalverdict ? :O
A: Original Frosty Final Verdict by finalverdict
Q: Why there's name mu in the header of the page instead of frosty? :confused:
A: The nickname mu is originated from .... :iconmuplz: no just kidding =P. Mu in here is from mu-chan, this was given by darcheat. And i like really like it. :love:
:iconmuchan::iconmu-chan: both of them are not my relatives btw. :XD:
... beside mu-chan i also have some nickname. From veru-san, veri, until fivy. :rofl:
:giggle: - :icondarcheat: :iconfoxyayzplz: - :iconvermillionfenrir:
:iconthankuplz: - :iconslinkman-realworld: :ahoy: - :iconhirolu:
:iconblankiconplz: - :iconkazokunyan:
4 errr 5 icons which remind me with my best friends. :XD:

Little family:
Partner in crime
:icondarcheat: (rainflower for you :tears: )

Kawaii advisor, and RL advisor

My dearest big bro

My dear lil sis


Kawaii boss

Art advisor

Computer thingy advisor

Anthro advisor

History thingy colleague

Dearest supporter

Juventuz brother in arms

..errr it's not so little family anymore :XD:

"losing your best friend is just like losing part of your soul." - So treat your best friend with ultimate care. :aww:
trust me, it's really hurt

Collab with =VermillionFenrir by Idontknowwhoyouknow
:hug: Friend forever! :hug:


Slow internet... by prosaixDont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FXI Support ART by AnonIhmusSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86book love stamp by Eirene86You Don't Have to be... Stamp by mylastelI Draw Stamp by MarahutaTakeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxNO SMOKE STAMP by schtolzMusic Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateMusic Sport Stamp Rvmp by guitarcrazeLove Music Stamp by Shinji-SamaSense of humor Stamp by CreativenessStamp: I Love Cute Things by starfire-wolfI love dogs stamp by izka197Pet Chickens Stamp by Draconic93I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dlearning other languages stamp by DejiNyucuHell stamp by deviantStampsI love sweets - stamp by candysoresstamp for peace by kailorFriends ARE Family: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNekoRoom Without Book Stamp by StirFryKittyTrue Artist Stamp by chibibarragePhotoShop User Stamp by ClefairyKidGet to the point by pjukOld and New Consoles by DennyVuQuachDOS by YoureunwelcomePisces by mysageFB Zodiac: Ox by KTstamps

:bulletblack:Melancholic Stamp by PhillusSanguine Stamp by Phillus:bulletwhite:
Yes i have double opposing personalities (melancholic-sanguine) - "highly emotional people whose moods can fluctuate from highs to lows and back again quickly. Due to being a combination of opposites, they may think that no temperaments (or all of them) fit them because they're sometimes one thing and sometimes another. What they should realize is that this apparent malleability of personality is in itself a trait that is indicative of a pairing of opposite temperaments."

:bulletwhite:Stamp: I am an INTJ by JammerleeStamp: I am an ISTJ by Jammerlee:bulletblack:
frosty's Personality Type Results
Yeah a lot of personalities...
So as conclusion my mood can be like this in almost continuous time
PC- finalverdict by Mishierru

:spotlight-left::iconteheplz:CHECK THIS:iconteheplz::spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:… :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::spotlight-right:
Check the far below one.

What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You?
Attractive Affectionate.Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented.Loves special things. Moody.

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Take the What Fruit
Are You?
test by Ellen!

Dynasty Warriors Shu Quiz result: Zhuge Liang

Dynasty Warriors Kingdom Quiz result: Shu

Which Star wars character are you -- Make and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

My Result: star killer
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Akatsuki personality test -- Create and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

My Category: Konan
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The Zombie Survival Test -- Create and Take a Fun Quiz @'s User Tests!… military aircraft are you?…

My Results:

Personality Test Results

You are an EA-6B. You are sinister, preferring not to get into confrontations, but extract revenge through mind games and technological interference. You also love to make noise and couldn`t care less about pollution.

Which Seven Deadly Sins are YOU?
Anger is manifested in you, who spurns love and instead loves fury. It is often known as wrath. You angry s-o-b are probably only like this cuz of your abusive parents

You Are More Yin












:bulletgreen: Follow this quiz :bulletgreen:
:stormtrooper:… :stormtrooper:

What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What House of Hogwarts did the Sorting Hat Place You In?
What House of Hogwarts did the Sorting Hat Place You In?
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What Type Of Movie Are You?
What Type Of Movie Are You?
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What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
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How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
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I am a Togetic!

Why Are YOU Evil?
Why Are YOU Evil?
Hosted By Anime

The King Grave by finalverdict
The one who make me monarchist
My King
My Lord
My Ancestor

Song & Music Recommendation

Bincho-tan Animation by finalverdictMichael and Zombie Dancing by finalverdictGreen Penguin by finalverdict
I just want to share with you all my favorite song / music. :)
These is some of the list:

:spotlight-left: :bulletblack: Western :bulletblack: :spotlight-right:

"Someday Man" by The Monkees. OST from Shellshock Nam '67

"How deep is your love" by Bee Gees

"All the way" by Craig David

"Have you ever really loved a woman?" by Bryan Adams

"Adia" by Sarah McLachlan

"If we hold on together" by Diana Ross

"I need a girl" by P. Diddy ft Usher & Loon

"Between the sheets" by Isley Brothers

"Missing You" by John Waite

"What can i do" by the Corrs… : "Lovefool" by the Cardigans.… : "Beautiful Ones" by Suede.… : "Anywhere Is" by Enya.… : "Say you love me" by Simply Red.… : "You can't hurry love" by Phil Collins.… : "Tonight" by New Kids on the Block. I guess this is my first fave song. I heard and i like it when i was 5 back in the 1990! :D… : "Asereje" by Las Ketchup.… : "Change the World" by Eric Clapton.… : "Hopelessly devoted to you" by Olivia Newton John.… : "The night before" by the Beatles.… : "Vide cor Meum" by Patrick Cassidy.… : "Close to You" by the Carpenters.… : "Raindrops keep falling on my head" by Burt Bacharach.… : The "with you" and "Let him love you" from the St. Project.… : "Pipe of Peace" by Paul McCartney.… : "Roof Garden" by Al Jarreau.… : "Getting Jiggy With It" by Will Smith.… : "Charmless Man" by Blur. My fave song when i was 11. Finally after 15 years of searching, i discovered this song again! :w00t:
Ex-paparazzi boyband? or Hallucinating businessman? :rofl:… : "Video Killed the Radio Star" by Buggle.… : "Wow" by Kate Bush.… : "Africa" by Toto.… : "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.… : "Disco Music: Earth, Wind & Fire" by Let's Groove.… : "Requiem" by Mozart.… : "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert.… : "La Storia Siamo Noi" by Francesco de Gregori.… : "Goodbye Mr. A" by the Hoosiers. Also check the hilarious goal celebrations in the video! :love:… : "Goodbye" by Air Supply.… : "Nothing to Lose" by Michael learns to Rock.… : "Nothing gonna change my love for you" by George Benson.… : "The Journey Home", ost of ps2 game ace combat 5. Sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.… : "More than this". Sung by Roxy music.… : "And the beats goes on" by The Whispers.… : "get down saturday night" by Oliver Cheatham.… : "Automatic" by Pointer Sisters.… : "Shame" by Evelyn "Champagne King".… : "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" by Indeep.… : "Grease" by Frankie Valli. Ost of "grease".… : "Beauty School Dropout" by Frankie Avalon. Ost of "grease".… : "Summer Nights" by John Travolta & Olivia Newton John. Ost of "grease".… : "Vegas Road" by Conor & Jay. Grand Theft Auto 2 ost.… : "To be With You" by Mr. Big. I remember now. This is my very first fave song. I heard it before the NKOTB's "tonight". :XD:… : "Farewell to you my friend" by Raymond Lauchengco. Gift to me from :iconslinkman-realworld: before he's gone 080112. :cries:… : "Save Me" by Aimee Mann.… : "Sempre per Sempre" by Francesco de Gregori.… : "Feelings" by Morris Albert.… : "Fixing A Broken Heart" by Indecent Obsession & Mari Hamada.… : "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago.… : "The Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. OST of "Karate Kid".… : "Yesterday" by Wet Wet Wet.… : "You Decorated My Life" by Kenny Rogers.… : "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles.… : "Yesterday Once More" by the Carpenters.… : "I need to be in Love" by the Carpenters. My fave song ever
a song fit perfectly with my life. i need love-affection so much :iconfoxcryplz:… : "We've only just begun" by the Carpenters.… : "Top of the world" by the Carpenters.… : "Fernando" by ABBA.

:spotlight-left: :bulletwhite: Eastern :bulletwhite: :spotlight-right:… : 夢の手前で (yume no temae de - In front of the dream) the ending ost of "The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee" (昆虫物語 みなしごハッチ Konchū Monogatari: Minashigo Hatchi, lit. A Bug's Tale: The Orphan Hutch). Sung by Michiru Kojima.… : 火の鳥 (hinotori - phoenix) the ending ost from the anime "hinotori". Sung by mika nakashima.… : 新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢 (xinyuan yang hu die meng - New Yuanyang Butterfly Dream) the ending ost from "Justice Bao". China drama.… : 月の家 (tsuki no le - house on the moon) the ending ost from outlaw star anime. Sung by Akino Arai.… : 願いはひとつ (Negai wa hitotsu - wish be one) the ending ost of anime akazukin chacha OVA. Sung by Yuki Matsuura.… : "Touch and Go!". The ending ost of anime blue seed. Sung by Megumi Hayashibara.… : Ameagari no Tenshi (Angel after the rainfall). Ost of anime Magister negi magi. Sung by Ayaka Yukihiro.… : "Snow Flower", the ending ost of anime Chitchana Yukitsukai Shugā. Sung by Maria Yamamoto.… : "1/2" (nibunnoichi), the opening ost of anime Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin). Sung by Makoto Kawamoto.… : "It's too late", the ending ost of anime Weiss Kreuz. Sung by Weiss.… : "Purachina", the opening ost of anime Cardcaptor Sakura. Sung by Maaya Sakamoto.… : "Watashi ga iru yo", the ending ost of anime One Piece. Sung by Tomato Cube.… : "Boys~光り輝く明日へ~" (To The Radiant Tomorrow)" , the 1st ending ost of metal fight beyblade.… : "Itazura na kiss", the ending ost of inu yasha.… : "息もできない" (Can't Live), the 2nd opening ost of Master Cooking Boy. Sung by Zard.… : "Fantasy", the 3rd opening ost of Hikaru no Go. Sung by Nana Katase.… : "君さえいれば" (Kimi Sae Ireba - If only you're with me), the ending ost of Love Hina. Sung by Megumi Hayashibara.… : "残酷な天使のテーゼ" (Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze - A Cruel Angel's Thesis), opening ost of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Sung by Yoko Takahashi.… : "Yours to create", 2003 sony ericsson commercial song. Sung by Rie Watanabe. I thought i heard an indonesian language in here. the "sahabataku"or in indonesian is "sahabatku" or "my friend". :confused:… : "Yakusoku Wa Iranai" (I Don't Need Promises), opening ost of Vision of Escaflowne. Sung by Maaya Sakamoto.… : "Dual", opening ost of Ginban Kaleidoscope. Sung by Yellow Generation.… : "もう少し...もう少し..." (Mou Sukoshi... Mou Sukoshi... - A Little More... A Little More...), 1st ending ost of Midori no Hibi. Sung by Saori Atsumi.… : "Float ~空の彼方で~" (Float ~Sora no Kanata de~ - Beyond the Sky), 1st ending ost of Solty Rei. Sung by Tomoe Ohmi.… : "One drop", ending ost of Tenshi no Shippo. Sung by Sakura Nogawa.… : "to that day", ending ost of Video girl ai. Sung by Kimura Maki.… : "思い出がいっぱい" (Omoide ga Ippai - Full of Memories), 3rd ending ost of ranma 1/2. Sung by CoCo.… (DoCo version)… : "Koi ga Hitotsu Kiete Shimatta no" (Love vanished once), 6th ending ost of ranma 1/2 ova. Sung by DoCo.… : "Evidence", 7th opening ost of Fairy Tail. Sung by Daisy x daisy. Arigatou :iconvermillionfenrir: !… : "You raise me up" - japanese style, Romeo x Juliet . Sung by Inori. VermillionFenrir :huggle: .… : "Ai wa Nagareru" (Love Drifts Away). Sung by Lynn Minmay Iijima Mari . A very moving and sad song. :tears:… : "Silver Moon Red Moon". Sung by Iijima Mari AKA Lynn Minmay. The opposite of ai nagareru above. :dance::la::dummy::love:… : "Akai Kutsu no Sunday" (Red Shoe Sunday) , Ranma 1/2 OVA 3rd ending. Sung by DoCo. :dance::dance::dance:
Damn! Why i forgot to add this. :facepalm:

:spotlight-left: :bulletred: Instrumental :bulletred: :spotlight-right:… : "Friends & Neighbors" by Alan Hawkshaw.… : "Wild Kids" by David Benoit.… : "The bull is wrong" by Alpha Banditos. One of the GTA Vice City OST.… : うれしい!たのしい!大好き![music box version from the Japanese band Dreams Come True song Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki! (So happy! Fun! I love it!)].… : "Songs from a Secret Garden" by Secret Garden. WARNING do not hear this music when you're sad. It's really melancholy and depressing.… ,… &… : For some relaxation. :relax:… : "Freedom at Midnight" by David Benoit.… : "Wills Chill" by David Benoit.… : "Songe d' Automne". Titanic's band last music. Close your eyes and imagine yourself boarding titanic when it's sinking. This piece is really moving! :cries:… : PS2 fps game Medal of honor frontline theme.… : "Super Strut" by Eumir Deodato.… : "Nouveau Rituel" by Eden.… : "You've got a friend in me". Toy story! :love:… : "Vorspiel, Ruckerinnerung - Latin Arrange". PSX rpg game Saga Frontier 2 ost.… : "Variation". PSX rpg game Saga Frontier 2 ost.… : "Southern Winds". PS2 rpg game Suikoden 4 ost. GAMELAN ROCKS!!! :w00t:… : St. Project musics. From the motorcycle runs album, i recommend the "double trip" and "washington d.c.". :boogie:
"samba do sol", "a samba like this", "fair in love", "spanish dream"… : "Circling Memories - Klaus". PSX rpg game Threads of Fate (Dew Prism) ost.… : "Thema". PSX rpg game Saga Frontier 2 ost. I used to hear this music when i'm studying. :rofl:… : "A Certain Meeting". PS2 rpg game Suikoden 4 ost.… : "Seaside Spring". PS2 rpg game Suikoden 4 ost.… : "Cembalo 1". PSX rpg game Star Ocean 2 The Second Story ost.… : "Walk Over". PSX rpg game Star Ocean 2 The Second Story ost.… : "Merry Go Round of Life" by Grooploop.… : Ost from PSX game Fisherman Bait 2 Big Ol' Bass.… : "Sarabande" by Handel.… : Ost from PSX game F1 2000 by James Hannigan.… : "Dance of the Furries" by Christoph Willibald Gluck.… : "Sun Ce Theme". Ost from PS2 game Dynasty Tactics 2.… : "Sunrise to Sunset". Ost from PSX game Time Crisis.… : "Main Menu". Ost from PS2 game Romance of Three Kingdoms VII.… : "Main Menu". Ost from PS2 game Romance of Three Kingdoms VIII. Viva Lord Zhuge! :w00t:… : "Town 1". Ost from PS2 game Romance of Three Kingdoms VIII. Remembering Cai Yan ....… : "Interceptor - He Fei Theme". Ost from PS2 game Dynasty Warriors 4. Great collab between modern musical instrument with traditional chinese musical instrument!!! :love:… : "Christmas Stage - Mickey & Donald". Ost from sega genesis game World of Illusion.… : "Car Select". Ost from sega genesis game OutRunners.… : "Rückerinnerung". PSX rpg game Saga Frontier 2 ost.… : "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber.… : "Schlachtenlenker". PSX rpg game Saga Frontier 2 ost.… : "In memory a boy meets The man". Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) anime ova main theme.… : Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) anime ova ending theme.… : "Acqua Calidae". PSX game Asterix ost.… : "Procession of Nobles" by Rimsky-Korsakov. Also as Sega genesis game Asterix and the Power of the Gods main theme.… : "Horn Concerto" by Mozart. Also as Sega genesis game Asterix and the Power of the Gods map theme.… : "Anitra's Dance" by Edvard Grieg. Also as Sega genesis game Asterix and the Power of the Gods story theme.… : "Montagues and Capulets" by Sergei Prokofiev. Also as Sega genesis game Asterix and the Power of the Gods Germany theme.… : "Minuet" by Luigi Boccherini. Also as Sega genesis game Asterix and the Power of the Gods Lutetia (Paris) theme.… : "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven. Also as K-19 The Widowmaker ost.… : "Sleigh Ride" by Mozart.… : "Minuet in G major" by Beethoven.… : "Going Outside" by Camiel.… : "thema", psx rpg game saga frontier 2 ost. Violin-concert version. Very moving and beautiful piece, you must hear it! :heart:… : Saga frontier 2 osts in concert version.… : Saga Frontier 2 ost piano pieces part 1.… : Saga Frontier 2 ost piano pieces part 2.… : "Summer Madness" by Kool & The Gang.… : "A bridge too far" soundtrack.… : "Dinner for two" by Emi Shimizu. Ost of sega genesis game "side pocket".… : "Las Vegas" by Emi Shimizu. Ost of sega genesis game "side pocket".… : "Chillin'" by Emi Shimizu. OST of sega genesis game "side pocket".… : Saga Frontier 2 "Piano Pieces 'β' 5" by Masashi Hamauzu.… : Saga Frontier 2 "Piano Pieces 'γ +' 1" by Masashi Hamauzu.… : Saga Frontier 2 "Piano Pieces 'γ +' 2" by Masashi Hamauzu.… : Saga Frontier 2 "Piano Pieces 'Rhapsody on a Theme of SaGa FRONTIER 2' 5" by Masashi Hamauzu.… : Saga Frontier 2 ost. "Präludium" (Prelude) by Masashi Hamauzu.… : PS2 3rd person shooting game Red Dead Revolver ost by Bruno Nicolai.… : "Samba do Sol" by St. Project.… : "Summer Breezin" by George Duke. Arigatou gozaimasu :iconhirolu: !… : "Love theme" ost from St. Elmo's fire.… : "The Girl from Ipanema". :dance::dance::dance:… : "Songs Without Words" by George Mendelssohn.…… (the better version) : "The Chief" by Gary Burton and Pat Metheny. WAAOOWWW after 3 years, i finally find the title of this wonderful music!!!! Thanks to :iconeraili: :la::la::la:
Still continue....

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:Check this, play it!:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:… :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

:dance:Let’s dance:dance:
Pixel Party 2011 by vaporotem Pixel Party 2012 by vaporotem
By :iconvaporotem:
Song - Music Quiz or question
If you can answer this question i’ll give you some :points: as prize. Remember only the first person and for the right answer only.
Good Luck!

:bulletgreen: Question :bulletgreen:…
What's the music title in 05:02-07:40? And send me the link of the original music. :)
EDIT: since no one can answer this, i'm closing this quiz. -.-
But i'll give 50 % of the original prize (100 :points: ), so 50 :points: for the one who know this music

Prize: - :points:

:spotlight-left: The winner of the past quiz :spotlight-right:

:iconeraili:… (05:03-07:40) - "The Chief" by Gary Burton-Pat Metheny.

:iconsnowdog30: :… (02:25-02:59) - "Feel like making love" by Roberta Flack.

:iconbiancamakesart: :… (8:10 - 10:14) - "Lullaby" by Pink Martini.

:iconeolverine: :… (0:09 - 5:58) - St. Project in the album Motorcycle runs. The first music is "insert coins" the last one is "double trip".


武經七書 (Wǔjīngqīshū) is the ancient Chinese seven military classics. If you're interested, here you can read it. Just click the link
Just like the announcement on the title above, I'll try to finish all of them asap Crai by Emoji-kun

不知彼,不知己,每战必殆。 (孫子)

zhī bǐ zhī jǐ,bǎi zhàn bù dài
bù zhī bǐ ér zhī jǐ,yī shèng; yī fù
bù zhī bǐ,bù zhī jǐ,měi zhàn bì dài。(Sūnzǐ)

Know thy enemy and know thyself, find naught to fear in a 100 battles
Know not thy enemy but know thyself, find victory and defeat in equal measure
Know not thy enemy know not thyself, find defeat in every battle (Sun Tzu)

:star:The list:star:

- 六韜 - liù tāo (Jiang Ziya's Six Secret Teachings - my fave! :la: read below)

-司馬法 - sī mǎ fǎ (Tian Rangju's The Methods of the Sima)

- 孫子兵法 - sūn zǐ bīng fǎ (Sun Zi's The Art of War)

- 吳子 - wú zǐ (Wu Qi's Wuzi)

- 尉繚子 - wèi liáo zǐ (Wei Liao's Wei Liao Zi)

- 黃石公三略 - huáng shí gōng sān cháng (Three Strategies of Huang Shigong)

- 唐太宗李衛公問對 - táng tài zōng lǐ wèi gōng wèn duì (Questions and Replies between Tang Taizong and Li Weigong)

:salute: Jiang Ziya (ca. 1100 BC) :salute:
Jiang Ziya Chibi by finalverdict

Photobucket The Six Secret Strategic Teachings (六韬) Photobucket
- "The useful man who's rich with inspiration won't be happy with some small gains, as if he's become a world sovereign".

- "Only the sovereign who share with his people and take care of them will get their loyalty and support".

- "The wise sovereign cannot enjoy his personal desire with the others expenses".

- "Even you're hate someone, you must give him a reward if it's rightly for him. Even you're like someone, you must give him a punishment if he's right to be punished".

- "Give profits to the people and don't hurt them. Let them live in peace and don't kill them without any reason. Shortly, take a little from them and give them much more".

- "The sovereign must close with his subordinate and talk as simple as possible to avoid misunderstanding. The subordinate must honest and honorable to the sovereign".

- "Be humble and honest to the others".

- "Stop the problem on it's beginning".

- "The government obligation is to make the country and it's people prosperous as soon as possible. The peoples who feel safe and satisfied is prepare to accept ethic learning and not even think about rebelling".

- "Show perseverance when facing the disaster".

- "The wise sovereign will use the right men and give the key position to the rightful and honest men, so the country can be powerful. The dumb sovereign will let someone who's bad, not honest, and hypocrite in the strategic position and let the country into downfall".

- "The forces without one command and esprit d'corps will fail. The same also applied in the success of an organization".

- "There's nothing in the world who will not change. Life and death, good fortune or bad one will change. Without anticipating disaster, the good period will be quickly gone by".

- "Victory using forces isn't a perfect one. The perfect victory is achieved without any pitched battle. So hence the superior strategy is to win with ruse".

- "Government, General or top executive today who gain sympathy from it's subordinate with a just attitude will be succeed in his career".

- "Win with a secret and surprise planning. The key for victory in battles is to guard military secret carefully".

- "He who gain sympathy from the people will rule the world. The wise sovereign must anticipate the desire of it's people".

- "Beat the strong enemy with praising him. When you pumped their ego it will make them feeling more boast and satisfied. This will dull their judging ability. Let them to gone into battle without knowing their weakness and you'll defeat them more easily".

- "A commander need the support from his subordinates to controlling his army. But he just need a trusted man for the main military planning whom decide it's fate".

- "Victory or defeat is depend on the wise choosing of the subordinate".

- "Investigate the person carefully before giving him a strategic position".

- "Don't judge someone from it's appearance".

- "Don't doubt the subordinate who hold an important position".

- "The key to uphold authority, is to punish someone even if his rank is high and to reward someone even if his rank is low. So punishment and reward is two main key in governing".

- "A commander who experienced good and bad time with his soldier and fought bravely in their frontline will gain their trust and making them a conqueror force".

- "Secrecy is the main interest".

- "Grab the chance and take certain action. Hesitation can bring failure".

- "Victors is blessed by a sharp analysis".

- "In the peace time, always wary toward danger. Raw material can be collected during the peace time. Because of that, the wealthy nation during peace time is a strong nation during war time".

- "The weather and topography advantage also the people's help is the decisive weapons in the war".

- "Bravery is the requisite to get out from the dangerous place".

- "The material preparation is important for achieving a success".

- "Surprised the enemy and take the important one!"

- "Maintain the good relation and try to get the honest support".

- "Try to win with a good conduct".

- "Know the enemy's plan before you decide the counter attack".

- "Attacking is the active defenses".

- "Diversity is the essence of military strategy".

- "Having a larger forces is not always advantageous".

- "Try to choose the right time to attack".

- "Power is originated from a hard work".

- "A Force must use it's resources wisely".

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:iconayumuhunter: Namaka Hamou - The Evian's come to VisitLilith pouted while her father, Steve, was rubbing special sun screen on her from
under an umbrella. He tells her, "Lilith, I know you hate that every day you have to wear my sunscreen but you have special skin." He kneels to be at her eye level to give her a smile with Lilith smiling now, her skin coated with a thin white membrane.
"Be safe Lilith."  He tells her before giving her a hug. Lilith smiles as a middle aged woman walks up to them in a green two piece bikini that shows off her body making Steve turn bright red making Lilith giggle at the sight.  
"How do I look Steve?" she says with Steve dumbstruck and unable to answer her.
"Can we go swimming, Aunty Stacey?" Lilith asks with Stacey chuckling at her question.
Lilith was confused while Steve reaches for their small beach bag for something to eat and picks up a brown kiwi bird by mistake. It bites his fingers, with an enraged look on its face as Steve howlers in pain. He raises his hand close to his face to see the…

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